Current projects


The Consortium has begun work on a bibliography database of the latest publications in translation studies, especially in the scope of the education of interpreters.The person responsible for organizing information is Renata Ciesielska-Kruczek.We invite everyone interested in the subject matter to submit information about the latest publications to the Consortium to: Information about publications that appear in local research centres as well as academic publications will be especially valuable to us.


The first working meeting of the Consortium resulted in many ideas; and the success of the First Workshop for Teachers of Translation encourages us to continue working. The Consortium intends to engage in shaping possibilities to form groups of translators in Poland in the form of organizing cyclical training for teachers of interpreters. We would like to devote our workshops to the following issues: the organization of individual work, team project management, self-motivation, training in entrepreneurship, and strategic skills training.

We invite all to contribute to the training schedule. Please send us any suggestions of topics, timing, length, and training mode, as well as your expectations as teachers of interpretation.