Space is no distance 2022


As last year, to commemorate St Jerome – the patron saint of translators, whose death anniversary falls on the 30th September, we kindly invite you an online roundtable discussion which will be an opportunity to share ideas for translator education, integrate academics interested in translation pedagogy, celebrate the Translator’s Day*, and more…

*the Polish version (Dzień tłumacza)

This year, our meeting will focus on trends and challenges in translation education, particularly distant learning and translating.

As you know, our consortium focuses on bringing together translation market, translator training and translation research, so together with the invited experts, we will be discussing:

  • distant/online translator and interpreter training,
  • distant/online work of professional translators and organisation of the work of translation agencies,
  • distant/online work in the field of translation research.

Experts who agreed to share their experience are, among others:

  • Prof. Annalise Finegan, NYU School of Professional Studies (United States)
  • Prof. Oleksandr Bondarenko, Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)
  • Prof. Anna Bączkowska, University of Gdańsk (Poland)
  • Prof. Marcin Walczyński, University of Wrocław (Poland)
  • Dr. Mariusz Marczak, Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland)


  • Event: Space is no distance
  • Time: 4.00 – 5.30 p.m. (CET), 30th September, 2022
  • Place: MS Teams (an email invitation will be sent out to those who register for the event)
  • Prerequisites: motivation and perhaps, a self-served cup of coffee/tea
  • Registration link provided in the poster