The Consortium for Translation Education Research (CTER) is pleased to announce the CTER Training Seminar for Translation Teachers with the endorsement of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST), which will be held at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków on 26th-30th June 2017.

Workshop leaders:

maureenMaureen Ehrensberger-Dow is Professor of Translation Studies in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. She was the lead investigator of two large, federally-funded projects about translation competence and the ergonomics of professional translation. She is co-editor of Interdisciplinarity in Translation and Interpreting Process Research (2013/2015), Describing Cognitive Processes in Translation: Acts and Events (2013/2015), The Development of Professional Competence (2014), and Cognitive Space: Exploring the Situational Interface (2016). She has written about cognitive ergonomics and the realities of professional translation in various journal articles.

gary_colorGary Massey is Director of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and past head of its MA in Applied Linguistics and undergraduate degree programmes in translation. After obtaining a doctorate in Germanic Studies from University College London and teaching English language and literature at Zurich University, he shifted his professional focus to specialized translation and Translation Studies. A co-investigator of two federally funded research projects on translation processes and workplace ergonomics, his major research and teaching interests include translator competence development, process-oriented and collaborative translator education and translation assessment. He is currently co-editing the Bloomsbury Companion to Language Industry Studies.

marioMariusz Marczak is Assistant Professor in the Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication at the Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Poland. He specialises in computer-aided translator education and his research interests comprise: (tele)collaboration work modes in translator education and the development of hard/soft skills and intercultural competence through project work. In the years 2014-2016 he worked as a researcher for the Educational Research Institute (IBE) in Warsaw. Currently, he is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Translator Education and Translation Studies and a textbook appraisal expert for the Polish Ministry of Education; author of numerous publications, including Communication and Information Technology (Inter)cultural Language Learning, Students’ perspective on Web 2.0-enhanced telecollaboration as added value in translator education and Translator Education in the Cloud: Students’ Perceptions of Telecollaborative Experience. Editor of Contemporary EFL Research (with Martin Hinton and CALL for Openness (with Jarosław Krajka).

MP PTLS conference 2015Maria Piotrowska is Professor of Translation Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, translation practitioner, teacher and researcher interested in Translation Studies and, particularly Translation Pedagogy; sworn translator of English/Polish; author, reviewer and editor of translation articles and books (e.g. 2007/2016 Proces decyzyjny tłumacza. Podstawy metodologii nauczania przekładu pisemnego. [The Translator’s Decision-Making Process. Introduction to Methodology for Teaching Translation]; Piotrowska, M. and Tyupa, S. (eds) 2014. Challenges in Translation Pedagogy. InTRAlinea. Thematic Issue 2014/6. http://www.intralinea.org/ ; Piotrowska, M. and Dybiec-Gajer, J. 2012. Verba volant, scripta manent. How to write an M.A. thesis in Translation Studies, etc.); Head of the Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication at the Jagiellonian University http://www.unesco.uj.edu.pl/katedra; member of EST http://www.est-translationstudies.org, Jagiellonian University coordinator of the International Doctorate in Translation Studies network, member and co-founder of TERTIUM http://www.tertium.edu.pl/, founder and president of CTER www.cter.edu.pl, member of IATIS http://www.iatis.org/compass.

pym_3Anthony Pym is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Melbourne and Professor of Translation and Intercultural Studies at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain. In 2010-2016 he was President of the European Society for Translation Studies. He holds a doctorate in Sociology from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, and was a professional translator for some 20 years. His publications include Exploring Translation Theories (2010/2014) and Translation Solutions for Many Languages (2016).

schaeffnerChristina Schaeffner is Professor Emerita at Aston University, Birmingham. Until her retirement in September 2015 she was the Head of Translation Studies at Aston, teaching courses in translation studies, interpreting, and supervising Master dissertations and PhD students.  Her main research interests are political discourse in translation, news translation, metaphor in translation, and translation didactics, and she has published widely on these topics.  From 2007-2009, she a was a member of the  EMT expert group, set up by the Directorate General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission, which made proposals with a view to implementing a European Master’s in Translation (EMT) throughout the European Union.