IBM Open Day

ibm1 On 18th May 2016, students of translation from the Jagiellonian University and Pedagogical University of Cracow participated in the Open Day organized by IBM. The meeting started with a short quiz about the IBM Company: When was IBM founded? Does the company deal only with the manufacturing of computers?

Afterwards, the employees of IBM explained what business processes outsourcing (BPO) was and prepared a short course on bookkeeping fundamentals. Graduates of Cracow-based universities who participated in internships and became IBM employees were also invited to the meeting.  The students were presented with a set of skills, which is the most valued on the services market from the perspective of a manager. At the end of the meeting they could familiarize themselves with IBM’s development programmes and rules of recruitment.

There was also room for the linguistic aspect. The participants raised the question: why is the language used in corporations so heavily based on Englibm2ish borrowings? How is an event different from spotkanie? Why do we use software instead of oprogramowanie? Should we understand team as zespół or grupa?Does supportować equals to wspierać? And what about constructions such as I am on the German project?