CTER election (29.03.22-05.04.22)

The turn of March and April 2022 saw this year’s CTER Presidential Election, as members of the Consortium voted for CTER President for the years 2022-2025. The results of the vote revealed a perfect tie, with each of the two candidates, incumbent CTER President Prof. UJ Maria Piotrowska and CTER Secretary Dr Mariusz Marczak, receiving exactly 50% of the votes. As a mark of respect to the voters’ decision, it was decided that in the next three years CTER will be functioning under split presidency, i.e. Prof. UJ Maria Piotrowska will carry on as CTER President from April 2022 to September 2023, while Dr Mariusz Marczak will take over from October 2023 (to March 2025). Consequently, new CTER Secretary will be appointed for the second part of the present term of office.