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We are pleased to announce that we are preparing two special issues of he Interpreter and Translator Trainer journal (1.750 (2020) Impact Factor) on (Re-)Profiling T&I Education: Meeting Evolution with Innovation, to be edited by Prof. Gary Massey, Prof. UJ Piotrowska and Mariusz Marczak, PhD.

PAPER SELECTION PROCEDURE FOR NON-CTER 2022 PARTICIPANTS: ITT Special issue 17(2), due out in June 2023, will feature articles submitted by non-CTER 2022 participantsAbstracts have already been collected here. The best ones have been verified and individual authors received notifications of acceptance in January 2022.  Full versions of those articles are being prepared to meet the deadline of 31 May 2022.

PAPER SELECTION PROCEDURE FOR CTER 2022 PARTICIPANTSA selection of the best articles submitted by CTER 2022 participants will be published, after prior verification, in ITT Special issue 17(3), which is due out in  September 2023.

The best CTER 2022 papers have already been recommended by panel moderators and the abstracts of the recommended papers are being reviewed by the special issue editors to make the final selection of articles to be published in the ITT special issue. Individual authors will have received notifications of acceptance by the end of April 2022; they will also be requested to submit complete papers through ITT’s online submission system by 31st August 2022.