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  • Thu

    Imago Mundi 2020

    Warsaw, Poland

    The Institute of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw kindly invites  you to participate in the 7th conference in the Imago mundi series, under the title of Teaches, entertains, dumbfounds, frightens ... The roles of the translator and translation
    in the modern world,
    which will be held on  25th-26th June 2020 in Warsaw.

    The conference themes will cover, among others:

    • contemporary roles and position of translation and the translator - his ecosystem, working conditions, identity and self-awareness;
    • changes in translation strategies and techniques forced by translation initiators and recipients, or proposed by translators;
    • the impact of new tools on the translation process;
    • new forms of translation activity and new didactic models.

    Two panel discussions, devoted to the present state of translation and its future, are also being planned.

    For more details see the conference site.