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  • Fri

    Translation, Interpreting, & Culture 2023: Virality and Isolation in the Era of Deepening Divides

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    TIC 2023 as the third event in the series wishes to provide a platform for (trans/post)disciplinary discussions of translation and interpreting as both tools and critical and activist practices that shape global and local contemporaneity in an age of digital colonisation.


    TIC 2023 wishes to make the growing social, economic, and ideological differences accompanied and facilitated by the ways information travel the basis for event’s critical and academic discussions. We will welcome papers addressing any aspects of translation and interpreting in an age when such matters as algorithm awareness divide or the inability of digital assistants to account for diverse accents are not issues solely reserved for investigation in specialised fields, but are part of our everyday experience.

    Major themes:

    • Translation and interpreting building borders and bridges
    • Virality – opportunity and challenge for translating and interpreting world
    • Access and inclusion – communication designs for all
    • Creativity in human-machine cooperation in the context of current developments in technologies, experimental literature, and translation and interpreting
    • Negotiating translation/interpreting zones
    • Activism and manipulation: towards objective methods for knowledge-based action in TIS
    • Political motivation for setting initial norm in translation/interpreting projects
    • Language hostility and hospitality as a decisive factor in integration of refugees in new societies
    • Social representation theory as a tool for measuring translators’ status and public image
    • Translators’ and interpreters’ visibility and social responsibility
    • Isolation and remoteness – future for a new generation of translators and interpreters?
    • Historical justice in narrating translation histories
    • Generational and technological turn in TIS
    • Translator and interpreter training in post-pandemic world

    Check the conference website for more details.