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  • Thu

    Translab4: Translation and Labour

    London, UK

    This symposium will be devoted to explorations of the concept of labour arising from Translab’s
    hallmark blending of ‘translation’ and ‘collaboration’. It posits that the concept of labour, as distinct from ‘work’ (Arendt 1958/1998; Narotzky 2018), warrants more sustained engagement on the part of both Translation Studies and the translation profession. While digital labour (Fuchs 2020), playbor (Kücklich 2005), fan labour (De Kosnik 2012), affective labour (Hardt 1999; Koskinen 2020), emotional labour (Hochschild 1993), or (im)material labour (Negri & Hardt 2004) may present themselves as particularly topical sites for such exploration, both labour and work are also important yet largely underarticulated dimensions in discussions about translation in a professional context and in debates about the distinction between professional and non-professional translation. Last but not least, we are keen to extend consideration of the labour concept to translation as such, and to
    interrogate its relevance to current debates about the translation concept.

    To explore translation from the vantage point of labour and work, we invite paper proposals addressing the labour of translation and interpreting in both theory and practice, and in, among others, the following contexts, either separately or jointly where these overlap:

    • translation and interpreting as labour, work, and action
    • flows of translational capital and value accumulation in professional and non-professional contexts
    • translation and interpreting as digital labour
    • translation and interpreting as (im)material labour
    • translation and interpreting as fan labour
    • translation and interpreting as affective labour and/or emotional labour
    • narratives of translational labour/work and their effect(s) on the interests and status of translators and other stakeholders

    See the conference site for more details.